Confusing Pairs in French

Complementando el post anterior recomiendo darle una revisada al site en el que encontrarán toneladas de artículos relacionados a la gramática francesa explicados de manera muy clara y concreta.. como decimos aqui.. va al punto..

Intentanto mejorar el uso apropiado de los adverbios, adjetivos y otros detalles.. me encontré con este link en el que se resume lo que Laura Lawless denomina “Confusing Pairs in French”.. muy útil de verdad. Adjunto un estracto del contenido del link para que se animen a revisarlo…

Confusing Pairs in French
Lessons to help you distinguish between oft-confused groups of French verbs, expressions, and grammatical structures.

À vs DeThese little words cause big problems! Learn all about these common prepositions.

Accent HomographsThink accents don’t matter when writing or typing in French? Think again! There are dozens of French word pairs which are spelled (though not always pronounced) the same other than accents. To avoid confusion, you should always distinguish between these “accent homographs” by using the correct accents.

Ainsi, Alors, Donc – “Then” in French The French words ainsi, alors, and donc are commonly used to explain the consequences or effect of an action. This lesson should help you to understand the difference between these terms and thus use them correctly.

Amener, Emmener, Apporter, EmporterLearn how to say “to take” and “to bring” in French.

An vs Année, Jour vs Journée…The French words an and année both mean year, but they indicate different ways of looking at the year. There are three other French pairs that work the same way: jour/journée (day), matin/matinée (morning), and soir/soirée (evening). Learn the difference between these confusing pairs.

etc, etc,etc…



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